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CDI Business Solutions (Process & Industrial)
Freeport, TX 77541
Process Engineer IV June 2007 - February 2009
Process Engineer III March 2006 - June 2007
Process Engineer II August 2005 - March 2006

• Perform conceptual process design basis and develop basic PFD and P&ID designs.
• Perform Hydraulic calculation and provide pump and piping specifications.
• Size Process Equipments: Pumps, Exchanger (Thermal and Mechanical Design), Relief Valve, Rupture Disk etc. using API, ASME, DIERS, ASHRAE, and CCPS Codes and Standards.
• Use Aspen Plus, Hysis, Sim SCI PRO II, Sinet 7.1 for process design projects (Distillation, Exchanger etc.)
• OSHA mandate relief system evaluation (PSM) with necessary mitigation.
• Perform Vent header/Flare header evaluation and provide necessary sizing solutions.
• Perform pressure drop calculations and pipe sizing (Hydraulics Studies and Design).
• De-bottlenecking study across control valves, Exchangers, Distillation Column etc.
• Prepare initial proposal and scope of project.
• Estimate project execution timing & project man hour requiems.
• Generate project progress reports for client and group members.
• Write project execution and cost reports based on requirement of each project for client.
• Co-ordinate with clients and peers to effectively meets the project deadlines.
• Request bids from vendor and evaluate bids and drawings.

• Relief valve validations (Field check PSVs and calculate capacity to validate relief scenario, PHA) (BASF)
• Relief valve sizing (Relief Valve and Rupture Disk Sizing for different Process Vessels) (FMC)
• De-bottlenecking across the control valve (Control Valve & Line Pressure drop) (BASF)
• Butyl Acrylate crude and water separation based on Ph, Sizing settler, Pumps, acid line sizing, HAZOP, PHA etc. (BASF)
• Coker Flare Relocation Project (P&ID updates, Equipment Specs., Line Size, PHA) (Chevron)
• Oily Water Sewage Project (Tank sizing, Pump Sizing, Vendor Quotes Evaluation) (FMC)
• Catch Tank Replacement (API 650 Tank Sizing, Request and evaluate Vendor Quotes) (FMC)
• Methanol Distillation Column Re-vamp (Column Simulation, P&ID, PFD, Pumps, Exchanger & Line Sizing , PSVs, Control Valves )

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